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BIOFA, a German company, is one of the top producers of natural paints, oils, waxes, glazes, lacquers, cleaning and care products. The fundamental philosophy of BIOFA is to produce highly effective products that are harmless to health for people, animals and the environment.

Their products pass stringent European standards.


BIOFA Aqua Paint 8005 - 125ml
BIOFA Brush Cleaner
3 in stock
BIOFA Color Wax 2087 / 20871 .375L
BIOFA Hard Oil Aqua Matte
BIOFA Hard Wax Tin 2060.25lSemi-gloss
6 in stock
4 in stock
BIOFA NASEDA Wool Detergent
4 in stock
BIOFA NATOLE Sanitary Cleaner
4 in stock
BIOFA Universal Hard Oil
7 in stock
4 in stock
BIOFA Worktop Oil Solvent
Save 20%
8 in stock