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BIOFA Universal Hard Oil 2044 (Bare Wood)


BIOFA Universal Hard Oil 2044
125 mL and .375L options

BIOFA Universal Hard Oil 2044 is made from natural raw materials. It is is a high-quality, versatile, colorless wood preservative oil for parquet and cork floors, but also for linoleum floors, stairs, wooden furniture, Sterling OSB boards, wooden interior fittings and other wooden items. This item is better used to seal bare/raw wood than to use over paints/stains. For paints/stains, we recommend our hard oil aqua sealer (here).

The oil revitalizes the natural structure of the respective material and, thanks to its thin surface film, results in an open-pored, satin-matt, hard-wearing, dirt- and water-repellent surface that is largely non-yellowing. 

BIOFA Universal Hard Oil complies with stringent European regulations such as EN 71, part 3 and 9, DIN 53160, and DIN 14342.



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