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BIOFA Aqua Paint 8005 - 125ml


BIOFA Aqua Paint 8005

BIOFA Aqua Paint is a water-soluble paint for wood made from shellac and water. It is made from natural raw materials and contains no hazardous additives. Painted wooden parts have a satiny sheen, are diffusion-capable, and dirt repellent.

Just one coat of paint creates a bright color shade. For lasting coverage, apply 8245 Hard Oil Aqua as a top coat or mix 20% of 8245 Hard Oil Aqua with the paint during application. 

BIOFA Aqua Paint complies with stringent European regulations such as EN 71, part 3 and 9 and DIN 53160.

All colors can be mixed with each other.



The colors presented on the screen have an indicative value and may vary from actual product colors. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see the colors differently. In addition, colors will vary due to type of surface and surface texture. 

The painted examples were painted on linden wood. The paint color will appear different depending on the wood type, grain of wood, and variations in the wood color.


Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet