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BIOFA NATOLE Sanitary Cleaner 4060 - 500ml


BIOFA NATOLE Sanitary Cleaner 4060
500 ml

BIOFA NATOLE Sanitary Cleaner is a concentrated natural cleanser made from natural raw materials. It is suitable for cleaning all surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet. It gently and environmentally friendly loosens and cleans away dirt, lime and urine scales from tiles, basins, tubs, toilet bowls, urinal systems, fittings etc. It is biodegradable and adds a natural and fresh cleanliness.

Using a nozzle, spray on the surface to be cleaned, making sure to get in niches and under edges, etc. Use a brush or a sponge to distribute. Allow to take effect and then thoroughly rinse off. To avoid staining chromed surfaces, the treated surface may be dry-polished.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet