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BIOFA Hard Wax Tin 2060 - .25l


 BIOFA Hard Wax Tin 2060
Semi-gloss / Satin

BIOFA Hard Wax is a premium, natural wax blend from beeswax and carnauba wax. It protects and maintains substrates made from wood, cork, linoleum, etc. for indoor applications. The hard wax is easy to use, colorless, diffusion-capable and has a pleasant, mild odor. The finish has a satin sheen, and is grip proof and tread proof and anti-static.

The hard was is suited for all untreated, smooth, or already waxed, stained, and oiled hardwoods and softwoods. Specifically for floors, furniture, interior wood, toys, antiques, etc. Do not use for wet areas and in spray water areas.

BIOFA Hard Wax complies with stringent European regulations such as EN 71, part 3.



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