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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire play for all ages with natural materials that spark the imagination, harness creativity, maintain sustainability, and support small businesses.

Our Story

Hello - my name is Marci. I am the founder and CEO of Playspire LLC. The idea for this venture started when I began playing with open-ended wooden toys with my daughter. Open-ended toys have many benefits for little ones, but I realized that I enjoyed playing too!! And that play for adults is just as important as play for kids. The play ignited my creativity and I began dreaming of other products that I would want to play with.

I started on a search for those products and realized that many were not readily available or available at all. I decided to work on a store and began sourcing work from artisans and working with artisans and small businesses to bring my designs to life. I hope you enjoy our products and they spark creativity for you wherever you are in life. If you would like to reach out for any reason, please send an e-mail to hello@letsplayspire.com. 

With warmest wishes and regards,
Playspire LLC Founder/CEO