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Sorting Bowls / Pinch Bowls - set of 6


This set of 6 bowls is perfect for various uses and holds 3 of each of many of our mini mandala shapes (acorns, mushrooms, eggs, and more). 

The bowls are unfinished, sanded smooth (entire bowl), and ready for your choice of paint, stain, or sealer. They were hand turned from Linden wood by an artisan in Europe.

Due to their handcrafted nature, there may variations between batches. There also will be variations in wood color and smooth knots due to the nature of the wood used.

***Bowls only - the acorns, eggs and mushrooms are sold separately in our shop. They can be mixed and matched in the bowls as well.*** 

Dimensions (approximate):
1.2 inches tall  (3 cm)
2.6 inches wide  (6.5 cm)
.9 inches deep (2 cm)