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Mini Baby Peg Doll - set of 12


We have run out of stock for this item.

We weren't sure what to call this cute little shape so we settled on mini baby peg doll. Add a hook and it can be an ornament, use for your loose parts crafting, or use as a tiny baby in a peg doll family. Others have suggested these could be pears, avocados, or even bugs. They are a blank canvas for your vision. They are unfinished, sanded smooth, and ready for your choice of paint, stain, or sealer. 

The shape was hand turned by an artisan in Europe. There may be slight variations from piece to piece. There may be strong wood grains or knots (smooth).

Some pieces stand on their own, but others may need a little sanding on the bottom. They are fun to spin though!


Dimensions (approximate):
1.75 inches tall x 1 inch wide - 12 of these are in 1 package

The mini baby pegs are displayed in our coconut colander in the main picture.