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Wood Dowel (1.6 in wide x 3.2 in tall)

$175 $250

These hard maple solid wood dowels have 2 different options - rounded end and chamfered end. We are testing which finish type is the most popular. ***Listing is for 1 dowel***

These dowels were manufactured by one of our partner workshops in Europe. They were produced on an automatic lathe machine - a project that we collaborated on.

All of the dowels are unfinished, allowing for your choice of paint, stain, sealer, or wood burning. 

The dowels were machine sanded after they were made. There may be variations in wood grain due to the nature of the natural wood.

We can produce these in very large quantities - bulk discounts available, please contact us. 

They fit perfectly in our jumbo tube found here.

They also fit in our Linden wood cups. Since they are hand turned, some of them may have a more tight fit and require a little sanding if you are painting the dowels. They are sold separately HERE

***PLEASE NOTE: We have discounted this current batch of dowels as there might be slight dents from how they were put into the sanding machine. This will be fixed with the next batch. So grab whatever you want now at this discounted price!***

**ALSO NOTE - the ends are smooth to the touch, but may show grains due to the production method, we have added photos to show what you may find**

Dimensions (approximate):
3.2 inches / 8.2 cm

1.6 inches / 4 cm