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Mini Honeycomb Trays - set of 6


***MAPLE WOOD - THIS BATCH IS MADE FROM MAPLE WOOD. The first photo shows the maple wood, the other photos are with beech wood which was used for the prior batch.***

This set of 6 mini honeycomb trays are made from maple wood (boards are glued together and then used ). They were made by a small family workshop in Europe.

The trays are sanded smooth, unfinished, and ready for your choice of paint, stain, and/or sealer. Or they can be left unfinished if desired.

***One of our photos shows the trays with various loose parts (display only, not included in this listing)***

**Seconds Quality - the glued boards are more obvious with these trays so we have discounted them**

3.1 inches outside
.8 inches height total

2.2 inches inside tray
.4 inches deep