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Small Ring Stacker - 3 rings


**SAWDUST WARNING - See below**

This ring stacker includes 6 pieces:
- 3 rings
- 1 round top
- 1 base
- 1 center dowel

The center dowel fits inside the base. It is removable not glued. We recommend adding glue into the base to make it more stable.

It is unfinished, sanded smooth, and ready for your choice of paint, stain, or sealer.

The ring stacker was hand turned by an artisan in Europe from Linden wood. The ring stacker is  Due to the hand turned nature and the nature of the wood, there may be variations.

**SAWDUST WARNING - open these stackers outside and dust them off. They were packed after final sanding, but not dusted. We didn't get a chance to open all of them and dust them off before this upload**

Dimensions (approximate)
total height 5.8 inches / 15 cm
width of base 3.2 inches / 8 cm
ring thickness 1 inch / 3 cm