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Percussion Guiros (Rasps) w/ Sticks - Large & Small Options


These instruments can make many sounds - tap it with the stick, slide the stick on it, use your hands to change the sounds each time, and more!

We have 2 options and each one makes different sounds:
-Large with shaker (the shaker is glued to the guiro and rice is placed inside)
-Small (no shaker)

The instruments were hand turned from Linden wood by an artisan in Europe

They are unfinished, sanded smooth, and ready for your choice of paint, stain, or sealer. The inside and bottom of the guiros may require some sanding, depending on your preference.

***WARNING: SMALL PARTS - the heads of the sticks and the rice inside the shaker could pose a choking hazard***

Dimensions (approximate)

Large length - 8.3 inches
Small length - 4.7 inches 

Width of both - 2 inches

Stick - 6.7 inches long, 1 inch wide ball, .4 inches wide handle