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Rectangle Block Set (36 blocks + tray)


Our diy rectangle block including tray is a beautiful set. The blocks are made from solid linden wood and made by an artisan we work with in Europe. The blocks have chamfered edges to provide a professional look.
The blocks and tray are unfinished and ready for your choice of paint, stain, and/or sealer.

The tray with the blocks in the main picture is covered in a food safe carnauba wax to show how beautiful the trays look when finished.

This set is an inspired version of the Large Stepped Pyramid (LSP). The outer dimension of the tray is 10.5 inches square and the blocks are 1.5 inches wide. There are 36 blocks of varying heights (approximate lengths) :
4 - 6 inches
12 - 4.5 inches
20 - 3 inches