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Forest Gnome Granny


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Handmade Wool Felt Ornament 
Eco-friendly Collectible Decorative Waldorf Doll

Type: standing doll with bendable arms and legs

Skin tone: fair (1 on our 1 to 4 fair-light-medium-dark scale)

Hair: gray

Height: 2.5" 

Weight: 0.15 oz

Outfit: brown dress with apron

Decoration on head: burgundy hat

Decoration in hand: red mushroom

Feature: bendable arms and legs which will allow you to change its pose

Manufacturing details: hand sewn, head and body filled with recycled paper cores, designed to stand with minimum support

Environmentally friendly materials: wool felt, wool, cotton interlock knit, cotton thread, pipe cleaner wire, wood, recycled paper, non-toxic textile paint

Manufacturer: handcrafted in Romania by Ambrosius Prodcom SRL for Eco Flower Fairies, exclusive distributor for the United States

SAFETY WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD! This doll is not a toy. It is an ornament for DECORATIVE purposes. It contains small parts that can accidentally detach if mishandled. Not suitable for children under the age of 3!

Disclaimer: This is a handmade doll. Because of that, while we strive for the same overall look, minor differences may occur between the doll that you purchase and the doll featured in the picture.