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Peg doll - Kokeshi Inspired


We have run out of stock for this item.

This kokeshi inspired peg doll was designed by Playspire LLC and specially manufactured in the USA from maple wood. The peg dolls are one solid piece.

They are unfinished and ready for your choice of paint, stain or sealer. They are sanded smooth for the most part, but may require a light paper bag polish prior to finishing. The colors and wood grains will vary from each peg doll due to the nature of the wood.

They may have a small flat part on the top of their head due to the production method. Also we briefly checked the quality, but if you have any issues we missed please let us know.

***Listing is for 1 peg doll***

Dimensions (approximate)

2.6 inches tall
1.4 inches wide (head)
1.2 inches wide (largest part of the base)